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To create lasting impressions and irresistible iGaming experiences that as to inspire as many as 300,000 players to play with us on a daily basis. We want to pave the path to a fully digital future where the GamingSoft brand is the pinnacle of iGaming experiences.

Our Story

As a captain of industry in the iGaming market, GamingSoft is one of the key pioneers who drove the growth and expansion of this field. We have been a part of the iGaming entertainment scene for over 15 years, accumulating in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business, latest tech trends, and best practices. As such, GamingSoft is regarded as a regional leader and an industry heavyweight – with proven track record to boot. GamingSoft plays a key role in brokering opportunities for aspiring business operators to enter the iGaming market (B2B & B2C), even as we actively contribute to the iGaming scene via the creation and production of premium digital entertainment products. GamingSoft aspires to raise the bar for what iGaming experiences entail and to be industry’s gold standard. After all, our goal is to share the magic of iGaming with the masses.

As GamingSoft passionately creates and develops the best products for the iGaming entertainment industry, we also proactively seek out ways to increase our reach and influence. Our network has a reach of 15,000 daily active players from across 2 Asian regions, with plans and strategies in place to grow our database and further our expansion. Our partnerships with bright minds have helped us get this far and we are keen on exploring more productive avenues and opportunities with equally ambitious partners.

Our Values



In this age of unethical data mining and irresponsible security resulting in data breaches — we know the importance of data security and a commitment to privacy. GamingSoft prides itself in its foundation and close ties to the most secure and trustworthy platforms in the industry. We prioritise the security and privacy of our clients and all of their players — our security specialists work around the clock to ensure that everyone is always protected from malicious threats from all attack vectors.

Education & Sharing

iGaming is a highly competitive industry. However, we at GamingSoft believe that education and open dissemination of knowledge is a valuable contribution to all members in the industry. Together, we can advance the industry to previously unattainable heights. The future is one where everyone benefits from a more advanced and knowledgeable industry.


The world is constantly changing, and the pace is only going to go faster in this digital age. We pride ourselves in our ability and willingness to adapt and improvise to the ebb and flow of the constantly evolving market. We embrace change and believe the challenges that it brings can only make us stronger.


A business is nothing without its customers. We at GamingSoft firmly hold this belief, and we are fanatically devoted to assuring the highest level of service towards our clients — and at the same time, doing everything within our means to help our clients serve their players the best they can.


We’re constantly looking forward — not just predicting trends, but creating them. Innovation is the fuel that runs this industry, and we do everything we can to push progress and redefine what it means to be a frontrunner of the iGaming business.


We value thinking out of the box. The iGaming industry is constantly evolving at a blazing pace — so we value visionaries who can look at things from a fresh new angle. That’s how we stay ahead of the crowd and crush the challenges that we face.


Kaizen — this comes from the Japanese term, which means “constant improvement”. This is a philosophy where we continuously assess ourselves and find ways in which we can become better — one step at a time, one day at a time. This constant spiral of improvement provides every single member at GamingSoft the confidence to keep moving forward in the face of any challenge — the momentum that serves as a drill to break down any wall that stands in our way.

Flagship Service

GamingSoft’s flagship White Label solution has you covered, from end-to-end: conceptualization and ideation, to operational setup and business management. Give your business an edge with premium features by GamingSoft — including advanced customer acquisition and retention tools, a massive product portfolio from the top providers of the Southeast Asian region, and secure and reliable payment gateways.

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Marketing, sales, and service software that helps your business grow without compromise. Because “good for the business” should also mean “good for the customer.”
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