White label solution

A comprehensive suite of White Label premium services and tools are at your disposal. No matter what your iGaming business’s goals or direction might be, GamingSoft has the means to get you there. GamingSoft’s White Label solutions include an advanced security and e-banking system, an intuitive CRM system, access to top-of-the-line game providers, and more.
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OUR White label

Customizable Web Design

A variety of ready-made web design templates

Smart CRM System

Intuitive and hassle-free player management tools

Retention System

Flexible bonus settings,loyalty rewards, etc.

Smart e-Banking System

Advanced cashless and digital payment delivery system

Affiliate Marketing

Capitalization of a new market and revenue stream

Superior Game Providers

Versatile solutions for online and mobile gaming

Feature Sets

Starting an online casino can get complicated but with GamingSoft’s white label solution, getting your business off the ground can be simplified. With GamingSoft’s white label solution, new business owners can easily go to market in just a matter of weeks and operate under an existing license. By operating under GamingSoft’s license, you need not put yourself through the tedious process of applying for your own. With our technical and operational know-how, setting up your online gaming business has never been quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.Advantages of GamingSoft’s white label solution:

Customizable Web Design

  • Make your players feel at home with our ready-made web design templates
  • Customizable and personalized design to suit your brand
  • Cross-platform compatiblity

Smart CRM System

  • Hassle-free player management
  • Unparalled tracking prowess on player activity and records
  • User friendly. Confusion free.

Retention System

  • Flexible bonus and loyalty settings
  • Unique login events to 10X player engagement
  • Customized mini games to incentivize and retain player interest

Smart e-Banking System

  • Advanced cashless and digital payment delivery system
  • Quick, automated, reliable, and secure payment processes
  • Multiple payment methods, secured by a fortified Bank Bot system

Affiliate Marketing

  • Capitalize new markets and revenue streams with ease
  • Multiple commission models to attract affiliates
  • Increased effectiveness with unlimited monitoring of

Only The Best Providers

  • Over 100 of the best-in field games in the market
  • Supports online and mobile gaming
  • Multi-currency and language

Mobile Application

  • 7X higher activation rate VS traditional platforms
  • Support and integration for all major mobile platforms

Digital Marketing Tools

  • Advanced SEO techniques
  • Robust system for targeted marketing, bonus settings, and loyalty programs

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